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With today's global context, it was necessary to launch the University Internationalization Program. As a result, it allowed the institution to achieve a greater international presence and increased its academic cooperation with other universities and organizations around the globe. The University is currently a member of research networks and international consortiums.

Education with an international scope is the essence of high quality education. This program exposes alumni and staff to different teaching techniques and innovations which, aid the procurement of knowledge while providing a life-changing experience.

UAS students have become the main participants at regional, national and international contests alike. They have won numerous awards, raising the name of our University to the highest standings. Further demonstrating the quality of education taught in our classrooms.

Always a step ahead and ready to meet all international quality requirements, the university has developed specialized libraries and multimedia spaces, in order to enhance students skills, and improve their professional performance.

In order to promote and strength the international activities the University integrated in the administrative structure the Executive Direction for Outreach and International Relations.


Student Mobility Program

Thanks to the Student Exchange Program and Academic Mobility, synergies have been generated through the collaboration between national and international universities. In addition, the University has closed ties with International Organizations, as a result of the implemented student mobility programs. This interaction has contributed to creating strong student networks, which consolidate our students' integral learning experience.

The Student Mobility Program offers students, professors and researchers the opportunity to raise academic quality and international competitiveness in order to promote diversity and strengthen intercultural understanding that in turn, creates solidarity between communities. It is important to note that this may be achieved not only by being abroad but also by having the opportunity to be an exchange student in a university from another state in our same nation.

One of the main goals of this program is to encourage our university students to learn how to live with students from other cultures but to also learn other languages. Our students will have the opportunity to take full courses and workshops, they will be able to participate in research projects and/or receive advice during the course and through the completion of their thesis or postgraduate degree.

Educational exchange agreements have been signed with Universities within México, and also with institutions from:

  • Asia

  • Australia

  • Central America

  • Europe

  • North America

  • South America

  • The Caribbean

Exchange Program Institutions


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