Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa

Entrepreneurship and
Innovation Center

It is a space meant to strengthen young people ability to undertake innovations through tools that enable them to develop their creative abilities and leadership.


  • Support innovative business projects.
  • Develop university students´ leadership and competitiveness.

This area involves activities such as:

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation workshops.
  • Successful state entrepreneurs visit.
  • Business development conferences.
  • Consultancy for business development.
  • Fairs for entrepreneurs.



These are a set of activities for students to professional training for the application of knowledge and entailment with the social and productive scope.


  • Contribute to the comprehensive training of students through a combination of theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom with practical aspects of professional reality;
  • Assist in the education of the student to develop skills and competencies to diagnose, plan, evaluate and intervene in solving problems of working life, in accordance with their career profile;
  • Being a permanent source of information for the adaptation and up-date of study plans and programs;
  • Strengthen and consolidate the link between the University and the social and productive scope.

Some of the programs promoted by the Office are:

  • Summers for innovation in business.
  • International Business Practitioners ProMéxico.
  • Training stays of the Trust Funds Regarding Agriculture (FIRA).
  • Support program for internships, long and short-term professional stays.
  • Job placement support program.
  • Canada International Experience.
  • Program to promote Entrepreneurial Attitude "My First Business".

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