Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa

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President of the University

Facing the challenges and opportunities that appear with the process of higher education internationalization, the Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa is determined to be a key player in it, working daily to establish itself as an open space for exchanging ideas and generating knowledge, taking this challenge with great enthusiasm and concrete actions.

Our conviction is upheld by various skills that our academic community has built over decades, and that in recent years have turn into a set of quality indicators that we all feel proud of and also position our institution as one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the country.

It is due to the strengths of our extensive and diverse educational contributions, student and faculty mobility programs, facilities, research sponsorship, as well as our sports and culture promotion that we encourage the national and international community to come visit and learn about our university and get to know what we are and what we do.

The University has a true belief in the support of science, technology and the humanities, whose objective is to promote socially conscious solutions to meet local needs and global trends. As such, our ideals are demonstrated in our policies‟ key concepts of gender equality, transparency, sustainability, tolerance and inclusion.

For all these reasons, I am glad to offer you the warmest welcome to Sinaloa‟s leading academy, an institution with strong academic settings that prepare successful professionals and ethical citizens committed to their surroundings and willing to join the new global trends.


Dr. Jesús Madueña Molina












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